>Well the Iowa Caucus is the week in Iowa of all places. This marks the beginning of the 2008 election season in earnest. I have been following the campaigns on a very superficial level, in some ways protesting that fact that things got started so early this time around. It seems as if President Bush had barely taken office for his second term and the candidates were off and running. RIDICULOUS.

So will it be a democrat or a republican who will inherit the White House this time around? My gut feeling is that it will be a democrat, although the winds of change can blow at a moments notice.

This election is very important to the future direction of this country. It is always important, yes. But for the first time since the terrorist attacks of 9/11, we will have a new person in the
White House, with new ideals and new goals for the future. Our future safety relies on picking the right person for the job.

The unfortunate dilemma in my opinion, lies in the fact that I don’t think there is a clear cut good choice for 2008. Every one has some small strong points, but nobody jumps off the page with gleaming credentials. Giuliani might be strong on defense as well as Thompson, but Thompson is an actor and the G man has horrible morals. Frankly nobody on the Democrats side will even begin to support our military.

So who do we vote for as president from a Christian perspective? Conservative Evangelicals would have you believe that it is a sin to vote for somebody that does not have an “R” after their name. Those people are dangerous and full of bahooey. We need to vote our conscience and vote American.

Any comments on my ramblings, please let me know.