>Is it wrong to question the existence of God? Is it wrong to wonder if our prayers are actually heard by someone or something?

I have fairly rock solid faith, but I would be lying to you if I said that I never doubt. It seems that since I have been a christian for almost twenty years, I would not have these these kind of questions and doubts. But that’s simply not true.

I find consolation in John the Baptist doubting whether or not Jesus was the Christ. here is this man who had preached radical repentance to the masses. He had the humbling privilege of baptising his cousin and witnessing the Holy Spirit coming down in the form of a dove. He also heard the voice of God saying that Jesus was his son in whom he was well pleased. But yet, after all this, he sat in prison awaiting his impending doom wondering if he had been right.

I guess if this man had doubts, I shouldn’t feel so guilty for having my misgivings and doubts about whether all this is for not.