I was thinking the other day about how I became addicted to Music in general and most specifically Christian music. I believe it goes back many years and really took heart when I was about 15.

At the age of 4, my mother bought me my very own phonograph (yes I am from the record player generation). Since I did not have any records of my own, my mother let me borrow three albums from her own collection. They perhaps had not much significance to her, but I thought they were great.

1. The Troggs “Wild Thing” (wild thing i think i love you… but i wanna know

sure… you would know this song if you heard it)

2. Buffalo Springfield “Self Titled” (featuring the song “For What It’s Worth”

The lyrics are “there’s something happening here, what is ain’t exactly

clear…. Again another song you would know if you heard it)

3. The Electric Prunes “I had Too Much To Dream Last Night” (really

cool album but I have only met one other person who has ever even heard

of the band)

Being an only child, I did not have many other distraction, so I would lock myself up in my bedroom for hours and play these records over and over again. My mom bought me a few 45’s from the DI which kept me entertained as well. But most of my musical tastes and knowledge came from my mom and what I heard on the radio. My mom, of course, was a product of the 50’s and 60’s and as such most of her musical collection (which is rather extensive) is from that era. I also went to a 50’s reunion concert at the Holt Arena (then known as the Mini Dome).

My first true contemporary rock album was Survivor “Eye of the Tiger” which to be quite honest was not that good in my humble opinion. But the eye of the tiger was great! The first real album I got was Tears for Fears “Songs from the Big Chair” Now this album was AWESOME. I cannot tell you how many times I spun that disk. This record opened up a whole new world sonically for me. I realized that music could have many different flavors, and they didn’t just have to be what you heard on the radio. Some of the best tracks on the TFF’s album never made radio play.

To be continued….