When I was about 13 years old, my aunt in California sent me a tape of a band named Mylon and Broken heart. I was not a Christian at this point and was rather skeptical about this Christian rock music thing. After listening to the tape, I must say that I wasn’t very impressed. There was something about the songs that just didn’t seem to flow very well. Being 13, I really didn’t know how to describe it, but now looking back I realize that the songs just weren’t well produced. I think part of it too was Mylon had his roots in Southern Gospel (as well as writing gospel songs for Elvis) and he really wasn’t that good of a rocker. He was an excellent evangelist and singer but not that great of a rocker. However, having said that, there were some hilights with Mylon and I really didn’t even think about the fact that his music and Christian music in general would have a tremendous impact on my life.