When I was fifteen, I was invited to a church youth group. Before this time, I had went to church approximately 5 times. I knew about God, but most of my ideas were rather skued growing up in a strong LDS community.

The person who had initially invited me to youth group, Brandy, introduced me to Christian music. He recorded me a tape full of WhiteHeart songs from albums dating from “Emergency Broadcast” on back. So it was nothing really hard and rocking. I asked him if he had anything else that might be a little on the harder edge. At that point, he handed me a tape by a group called Petra. The name of the album was “On Fire!” From the first second (fired up!!!!) I knew I had finally found something that could rival what I was listening to on MTV. At least it had electric guitars! Petra soon became one of my favorite bands ever and still holds a special place in my heart. Not only was their music pretty cool (for the time) but it had a strong biblical message backed up by bible verses that you could reference. I dare you to find a band that does that anymore.

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