>Yesterday my oldest child turned 10. I cannot tell you how unbelievably proud I am of him. He is the kindest most compassionate 10 year old I have ever met. He is thoughtful and always thinking about others.

Case in point. His dad is a joker. Lemuel has been wanting a Nintendo DS for months now. So yesterday I gave him one for his birthday. But, before I gave him the actual gift, I decided to give another prank gift. It consisted of a paint roller brush and a Pokemon card. He opened the gift up and asked me what it was. I told him and he said thanks and that he liked it. All the while fighting back tears because it wasn’t his game player. After my little joke, I immediately grabbed the other gift and gave him the real thing. It was perhaps rather cruel But I am amazed how well he handled himself. It was very mature.

I pray that Lemuel continues to be compassionate and becomes more and more like the meaning of his name (Consecrated to God).