The Supreme Court took a courageous albeit controversial step towards establishing what the words of the Second Ammendment mean to people and their individual rights to own guns.

I believe that what the Supreme Court decided yesterday, was properly interpreted from what the founding fathers meant. They strongly believed in the individuals right to own guns. There was never any question in their minds that people in a free country should have the right to protect themselves from tyranny. Tyrrany from England then, tyranny from our own government now. The founding fathers always thought it a good idea to make sure the government did not have too much control (a reasoning that we have moved away from since). They remembered the Boston Massacre, they remembered the bloody revolution that gained this country its freedom.

As we celebrate Independence day this year, we have one small victory to be grateful for. The victory of the Second Ammendment prevailing at the highest level of our courts. Long live the Bill of Rights.