I think we are finally getting settled in our new house. At least we can walk across the floor without stepping on boxes or miscellaneous items that haven’t found a home yet.

We are planning going to Yellowstone this weekend with the family. It will be the first time my children have seen the park and I am looking forward to seeing how they like it. They are excited, but scared. They are terrified that you won’t be able to walk around with running into buffalo or elk. Although that is true to some extent, it obviously isn‘t as bad as they think!!

Next week three of my four chillens start school. Lem is 4th, Brayden 3rd and Abi is going into kindergarten. How did I get old enough to have a 4th grader!!! Time just keeps on moving.

Have a blessed day everyone.

P.S. Still haven’t quite figured out what some the light switches go to….such a weird house.