>This weekend was an interesting one for me. I have a friend at work that is going through an incredibly hard time in his life. He has lost his business, his house, and now his wife wants a seperation. He is devestated and distraught. On Friday night he confided in me that he almost comitted suicide last Sunday. With all that is going on in his life and the lack of sleep that comes from working two full time jobs, he was unhinged mentally.

He has only known me for six months and we only know each other through work. But, for some reason he chose me to confide in. Instead of going to his church or his close friends, he asked me for advice. I was stunned and completely at a loss for words. All I could think of was to grab him and step into the beer isle (we were at work) and begin to pray for him. I don’t know what was stirred in the supernatural, but I am glad I let the flesh fall aside for once and let God give the advice.

Things did not miraculously change that night for him. He did not get his house back, his business wasn’t restored, and his wife has not come back yet. In fact, things between him and his wife have gotten worse. But I have to believe that things were at least started in the spiritual realm and God has sent his angels to do battle.

Why did my friend choose me to talk to? Why did God choose to put me in this place at this time? I hate my job. I hate who I am. I am not a good Christian. I am not a good example. I know Jesus uses losers all the time. That is humbling. I don’t think he should be able to use me, but I want to be ready when he does.

Please pray for my friend.