>Another year. Another measurement of time. Another 366 days (it was a leap year after all). Another segment of time filled with happiness, sadness, anguish, pain, love, hurt, peace, anxiety, joy, fear, worship, praise, thankfulness, bitterness, and many other adjectives.

Of course we are all aware of the many events that made 2008 one for the ages. Banks collapsing, stock market crashing, housing prices down the toilets, and of course a new president. But this folks is not going to be about world events. No, in this little entry, it’s time to be introspective and talk a bit about what happened in the Edwards’ household this year.

The beginning of the year found our entire family stuffed into a tiny apartment that made us all slightly claustrophobic. Kim was searching for a new job and I was barely getting any sleep working full time at night and teaching the kids school during the day.

In February, Kim started a new job not knowing what the future held. Sofa Mart presented many challenges for the normally timid Kimberly. She did well, but it caused way too much anxiety in someone so introverted as my wife. So she began to look for another job that would suit her abilities as well as her education. After much persistence and applications. Potandon produce hired her on as a Food Safety Assistant. This job has been perfect for her. She has not only done well, she has excelled and found a place where she can see herself working for many years to come. God is not only good, he is Awesome!

The kids made it through their dad trying to teach them school. They enjoyed the summer and were excited to be back in public school. Lemuel is in Fourth grade and is excelling in all subjects, including making friends. He has a special ability to make anybody his friend. Not only that, he has a simple faith in Jesus that I admire daily.

Brayden Started Second grade with gusto. He is doing much better in his reading. Because of that, he is finding a lot esteem. He enjoys school and church and playing. He has an attitude that doesn’t stop, but he is a good kid and a joy to be around.

Abigail entered kindergarten. She loves it to put it lightly. Everyday she can’t wait to get to school and see her teacher and her friends. She is a joy! I am a father who is definitely smitten by his little girl.

Keenan….is Keenan. Feisty, forward and wanting things his way. he is your typical four year old. I love the kid, but I gotta say that I am a little afraid of him entering school next year. He has his own idea of how things should be and it is impossible to reason with him. If you try, expect to invoke the wrath of Keenan.

I went part time at Sam’s and reactivated my real estate license. I thought going part time would help me recover from my lack of sleep. Shockingly enough, I seem to be just as tired working three nights a week as I was working five nights a week. You start to recover from the night shift and it is time to go back to work.

Real estate has not been good to me. In fact it hasn’t been good to anyone. I only managed two transactions last year and one of them was the purchase of my own house! I have decided to give it one more year. If I can’t make anything work of it, then it will be time to call it quits. If you know of anyone that is planning on buying or selling any real estate in the Eastern Idaho area, don’t hesitate to give them my phone number.

I also started school again in December. I am attending Western Governors University studying Information Technologies/Network Administration. it is an online competency based school in which I can finish as fast as I can go. My target date is spring/summer of 2010.

Years come and years go. All we can do is hold on to the grace of God. I pray that each one of us search for Jesus this year. Make authenticity your goal. Learn to live without the shackels of human religion. Learn to live in the Spirit. Because where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. Lord teach us what true freedom is!!!

Love and grace in the new year.