>It’s amazing that a once failing company has such power and prestige that Its ceo stepping down is headline news. Steve Jobs announced that he is retiring for the time being because of an illness that is rumored to be cancer. I have read reports that he is to have his pancreas removed after cancer treatment. If it is cancer of the pancreas, the chances of recovery is usually very slim.

It was just a few years ago that we talked about Bill Gates the way we now talk about Steve Jobs. Back then Steve was nothing more than a side note and a joke. People liked the Apple products, but it was just a fad. But nonetheless, when Jobs said he was coming back as the ceo. Things began to take off. just a few years later, Apple has gained significant marketshare in personal computers. Not only that, Apple has managed to dominate the music industry. The Ipod is the only media player that matters, and itunes sells more digital music than any other company. Only WalMart beats Apple in general music sales.

The future of the company remains to be seen. Stocks dropped sharpley after Jobs announced his desire to step down. Can they find another charismatic visionary such as Jobs? Companies (as well as other institutions) rise and fall when they lose such a person.

The computer world needs Apple. Whether you are a PC fan or a Mac fan, you have to agree that there needs to be competition in the market place. There is no other company that gives Microsoft a run for their money such as Apple. It is the only way to keep the once all powerful Microsoft humble.

Long live Steve Jobs and long live Apple.