>I usually don’t participate in this sort of nonsense, but this time I will do it. 10 completely random things about me and my life.

1. Silkies. I like silkies…You know, the little pieces of silk like material that line blankets. Ever since I was a little tike I would take it in my hand and and feed it through my fingers as I crumpled the whole blanket up. Then, I would do it again…over and over again. Some of my friends know I like them, and they are thoughtful enough to save the silkies from their old blankets and give them to me. However they aren’t quite the same as when they are on the blanket.

2. I am 1/4 Mexican. My Grandma is Mexican. I am as white as can be, so no one believes me. I tell them all I got was the attitude.

3. I recently found out that my great great grandfather was an upstanding polygamist Mormon.

4. My brother is a tattoo artist who lives in Missoula MT. He has done tattoos on lots of rock stars. Motley Crue, Poison etc are some bands that he has done his work on. I also have never met him. In fact I didn’t even know for sure I had one until last year.

5. A few buddies and me used to participate in an activity we affectionately called VP (virgin patrol). We would drive around to the different parks and along the river and bright light anyone parked there. At one point we had become so professional that we had invested in a 750,000 candle powered spotlight and a PA system. We ticked a lot of people off, but I don’t think we saved any one’s virginity.

6. I was almost ran off the road in my Chevette by a crazy drunk man in Island Park, ID. If you want the full story, let me know.

7. My mom and I did not have a car until I was 16. We walked and rode our bikes everywhere we went. Groceries, Kmart, mall. Everywhere. My mom never has had a driver’s license.

8. I met my beautiful wife on a blind date.

9. I have been to four different colleges five different times. I have had five different majors and I have nothing to show for it.

10. If I had my choice of places to live that I have been to, I would choose either Bozeman or Kalispell MT. Unfortunately my pocket book can’t afford it too well.