>As I shared earlier, my van died a few weeks ago. It seems as if the fuel pump has gone out. To fix this small piece of metal, one has to drop the gas tank and replace the pump. I am not very keen on dropping the tank myself, and I am not very keen about taking it in and spending between $500 and $600 on a vehicle that might break down again in a few weeks. The van is on its last leg no matter how I look at it. I have oil in the blow by. I also have oil pressure problems. The passenger window doesn’t work. The headlights flicker in time with the motor. So unfortunately, I am forced to look at other vehicles.

I am looking at a van tonight that sounds promising. It is owned by a private person and seems like a good deal. But, I hate bartering. I hate dealing with cars. If I had the money, I would buy a new car every year. But alas, I am a poor man and do not have the means to do something so drastic. I will let you know what happens.