>Yesterday, I posted a blog regarding the controversy between the HBO show “Big Love” and some members of the LDS church. Since then, I received some comments concerning why I felt the need to post such a message to my blog.

As most of you know, I am not of the LDS religion, but I live in a community that has a higher per capita percentage of Mormons than Salt Lake City. I have lived here the majority of my life. As such, I cannot help but to be fascinated and intrigued on any news I hear concerning the church. This news bit was seen on ABC’s Good Morning America yesterday and I found it quite interesting that first, ABC felt the need to report on it, and second that some members of the LDS church were so upset. Now, since I am not LDS I cannot fully appreciate the significance of the Endowment Ceremony (or most temple ceremonies for that matter). But I do find it interesting that it has to be secretive.

Just as most of you know that I am not a Mormon, you also know that I am a born-again Christian (worse yet, I have theology and pastoral training). This means that we have very big theological differences. BUT, I consider my friendship with each and every one of you more important than any differences we may have. I believe Jesus has given us a higher calling to love each other. He never called us to argue doctrinal differences, but he admonished us over and over again to love each other. I am a work in progress full of faults and problems. I ask each of you to give me the grace I need to work out my salvation and become more and more like my Lord every day.

On a side note, I would love to have conversations with you in private via email if you would like. This blog, facebook, or any other public forum is not the place to have this conversation.

If you have any comments or opinions on this or any other posts on my blog or facebook, please let me know! I would love to hear what you think.