In chapter 3, Eldredge deals with the question that haunts every man.  He lays the thesis of “why won’t we, as men, be what we are called to be.”  I am assuming that means what he has already proposed-a battle to fight, an adventure to live, and a beauty to rescue.

He goes on to present a rather solid case that we as humans, whether female or male, are not living up to our true calling as either gender.  Men especially are hiding behind their masks or security features such as sports, work, or other more darker things.

The chapter spoke true to me in many ways. I have spent my life running from things.  If they get to hard, or if they get too deep; I bail.  I have started and quit college 4 different times.  I have had more jobs than I can count on two hands (and probably both feet).  Even within my jobs, I have avoided the hard things just so I didn’t have to deal with the conflict that was sure to follow.

Eldredge spoke of a reoccurring dream that haunted him consistently.  He was involved in drama for years and would dream that he was in the biggest play of his life and didn’t even know what his lines were although his part was crucial to the entire play.  I have had my own “what if they find me out” dream as well.  Mine is usually based around showing up for a class only to find out that the class had been going on for at least three months and I hadn’t attended a single class.  And now it was time for the final!

Our world is screwed up.  It is not as God intended.  We don’t know how to be who we are, we don’t know how to have fellowship.  We don’t even know how to have church!  My desire is to figure these things out before its too late.  I don’t want to feel as if I am just filling space.  I want to be involved with my children, my wife, and even humanity as a whole.  But I need Jesus to show me how this is done effectively.