>I am not usually a big fan of “cute” flicks, but was actually looking forward to seeing this movie. “Marley and Me” starring Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston is about a reluctant newspaper columnist who finds himsef the owner of an out of control and rather psychotic Labrodor Retriever. Loosely based on the book by John Grogan “Marley and Me:Life and Love with the World’s Worst Dog”, this book is more about life lessons than it is about the mangy mutt.

The movie chronicles about fifteen years of Grogan’s life from his marriage to the somewhat sad ending of the movie. In this time he struggles with job changes, children, and problems within his marriage. The movie portrays a couple and a family trying to stay together in a world that is truly bent on family destruction.

My two criticism of the movie is the many times “sex” is mentioned or alluded to, and the quality of acting from the main characters. Even though it all falls within the context of marriage, if you are watching with young children it can be a little embarrasing.

The acting is not all that great either. I found myself on occassion, thinking I was watching a not so good Hallmark Channel movie instead of major motion picture with a decent size budget and two fairly big stars. The movie does get a bit sentimental although by the end it endears itself into your heart. The Marely character is definitely the glue that holds the film together. Throughout the many different scenes in the movie, the one constant is the damage Marley is able to inflict.

I would recommend seeing this movie. Just be warned of the adult content.

Nate’s Review—> 3 out 5 Nateys