>The fam had the chance to take in a flick yesterday at our local cinema. After much deliberation between the new Transformers movie and Pixar’s Up. I decided on Up. After comparing reviews, Transformers (unfortunately) seemed like a movie I would rather spend $2 on rather than $50.

So, my family and I trekked into the local Edwards cinema and purchased the pricey ($64 for my entire family) 3D version of DisneyPixar’s Up.

The first twenty minutes was an impressive attempt to show the potential of this new type of 3d entertainment. In fact my son commented afterwards that the commercials were more impressive than the movie itself. The 3d did add tremendous depth to the movie. It felt 3d in that area. But if you have been to any of the Disney 3d theaters in their theme parks, you will be disappointed by this 3d experience.

The movie is preceded by a cute (and typical) cartoon short by pixar about a gloomy cloud that creates dangerous creatures for an unlucky stork to deliver. It was an engaging piece and should be up for an animated short oscar.

The movie itself opens up with a young boy pretending to be his explorer hero, when he runs into a little toothless girl who shares the same interests. Thus begins the intro to the movie following the two from marriage to the end of the girl’s (Ellie) life. This touching segment has no words but sets the theme for the whole movie. The adults in the audience will find it hard to maintain a dry eye.

After the audience is informed of the goals and aspirations of the couple we are brought to present day where we find our “hero”, sitting on the porch of his house while high rises are going up all around him. It’s at this point our adventure begins. We see the balloons come up and our hero takes off into the wild blue yonder.

The movie has typical Pixar slapstick comedy with wonderful animation and great dialogue. As with all Pixar movies, this movie is filled with many wonderful qualities that are sure to make parents happy. Love, honesty, loyalty are but a few character traits that are presented in this fine animated piece.

If you are looking for quality family entertainment that is fulfilling whether you’re 80 or 8, give Up a try. Compared to most of the summer fare out there this year, Up is quality and well worth the investment. Save the other “blockbusters” for you Netflix que.

Nate’s Rating
4 out of 5 nateys

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2=okay but not great
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4=excellent and worthy of many awards and a trip to the theater
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