>The biggest icon of my childhood, Michael Jackson passed away yesterday apparently of cardiac arrest. Although his reputation in recent years has been tarnished in allegations of child molestation, he remains an larger than life (albeit a strange one) person who seemed indesctructible. Even though he was aquitted of all charges related to the molestation accusations, he was tried and found guilty in the court of public opinion. Even though I personally thought he was rather a freak, I was one of his most ardent supporters during legal problems. Due to circumstances in my life, I could relate to him in a way most people couldn’t and I understood what it meant to be found guilty until proven innocent.

If you were a child in the 80’s you could not go very far without seeing moonwalks, white gloves, red “soldier” jackets or the like. Jackson was everywere. Whether you turned on the radio, MTV, or the Super Bowl you were likely to see Michael making an appearance. My heart goes out to his family and especially his children who now must grow up in a world without their dad. The rest of us never knew the man, but we know his music. And we will be fortunate to have that for generations to come.

Some of the response I have heard from people about his death are disturbing. To say that the world is better off without him is to not only take away what the man meant to his children, but it denies what Michael was in the eyes of God. He was a freak in most of our eyes, but he was a child of God, one whom Jesus died for. Let’s not forget that. Let the man rest in peace.