>I find it interesting that there are two camps in the Jesus/theology department right now. One takes an extreme as far as making it almost impossible to get into heaven. The other takes the other extreme with an “inclusive” gospel. Jesus himself, would seem to contradict both sides depending on what scripture is read.

I don’t have it all figured out. There are many things that I will never figure out. But, I do believe there are things in the bible that make it perfectly clear what is needed to follow Jesus and be on the “narrow road”. But are we too afraid to find out? Are we too afraid to look at the scriptures and read them? Are we too afraid that they have been mistranslated over the years?

It is clear to me that Jesus wasn’t afraid of the scriptures. Every time some argument was presented to him, he used (when necessary) scripture to combat his attackers. Perhaps we could take a lesson from Jesus and not be so afraid that we don’t know what the bible is talking about and give a little study now and then.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not advocating “bible worship” above “Jesus worship”. But I am advocating a healthy dose of knowing what the bible says and living out our love of Jesus on a day to day basis. I really don’t believe one is possible without the other.