This is an interesting piece of scripture that deals with divorce and remarrying. Now it is pretty obvious from this passage that God’s heart breaks every time there is a family that is ripped apart from divorce. And, just looking at our own culture, it is evident that nothing good comes from divorce.

One of interesting aspects of this passage is Jesus’ insistence that if a person is divorced and remarries, they commit adultery. He says this to the Pharisees as well as disciples who push him on the issue later. Jesus is always concerned about the heart of the matter. Even on this touchy subject there are heart issues that need to be dealt with. Perhaps Jesus was trying to point to the heart of the religious community of his day that thought they were better than everyone else because of their “holy” lives. Most of them has accepted the letter of the law but not spirit of God.

How do people become like children? How do we trust unconditionally? We have faith like a child who has not lived long enough to doubt the things they have been told. They have not lived long enough to exercise their “ya..but”. Lord take my life and change me so I am not constantly trying to find ways to prove you wrong.

The ultimate passage to contradict the prosperity doctrine that is so prevalent within the church these days. It is wrong to have money, it’s just that money can so easily control you. God wants great things for us, but how did we ever get the idea that He was talking about material and monetary gains? Of course he wants great things for us-eternal life. Of course he wants to give us live more abundantly-life in Jesus.

This is a great story. Here we have James and John walking up to Jesus and saying “Hey Mr. Jesus we want to be princes in your kingdom. We want to be important.” Jesus looks at them and says, “Do you know what you are asking? Do you realize that the Prince of Peace, the creator of the universe is going to suffer on a cross and die for the sins of the whole world? Do you really want to share in that glory? Do you realize that the King of the Universe will become the ultimate servant? And if you want to attain glory, you will have to do the same thing? Do you really want this?”

I don’t think James and John really understood what they were asking for. And they obviously caused a little consternation among the other disciples. What I find interesting is John is still considered the apostle that Jesus loved (at least self proclaimed). But I really do think he go the message of love. All you have to do is read his letters and find that out.