>Have you ever had a day when you would like to have a logical thought process but can’t? Or, one of those days when it would be nice to put coherent thoughts on paper (or on a blog) that make sense and might even be something that others would like to read?

Today is one of those days….

I have so many thoughts rolling around in my mind, I cannot make any linear sense out of them. I have thoughts of love, fear, depression, anxiety, just to name a few. I cannot seem to find peace in the midst of the storm today. Does that mean that I am not saved? Does that mean that I do not trust in God enough? That I haven’t let the Holy Spirit move in me today? Some people would have me believe that. But is faith really that cut and dry; black and white?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this. God knows, my thoughts are too jumbled together to make any sense.