Seven years ago today, my beautiful wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Although there was some complications in her delivery, she was actually one of the easiest births my wife had with the fewest complications. We tried to have her naturally, but after the emergency c-section that had to be done for Brayden, it wasn’t working quite right. It seems as if the placenta was connected at the wrong place and every time Kimberly went into contractions, Abigail’s heart rate dropped to dangerously low levels.

But, she is a perfectly healthy little girl. And how she has become such a girly girl is beyond me. She has three obnoxious brothers who pick on her and rough house with her every chance they get. But somehow, she has managed to cling on to everything girly.

Until she was six, she absolutely refused to wear a pair of pants. She used to say that she wasn’t pretty unless she was wearing a dress. In fact, if Mom was wearing pants, she would tell her that she wasn’t pretty today. Now, of course we told her over and over that what you look like and how you dress was not how to judge if someone was pretty or not. But to a four year old mind, that concept made absolutely no sense.
She has matured past that age, and become a young girl of incredible grace and beauty. Not only is she beautiful on the outside, but she is truly a remarkable person on the inside. I don’t think she even has the knowledge of how to treat others badly. Barring occasional spats with her siblings, she is always quick to point out her friends and what they mean to her.
As she grows older, my prayer for her is to become totally submersed in the Father’s love for her. I pray that God continues to build the confidence that is already growing in her. Confidence in her abilities, confidence in who she is. Confidence in her knowledge of the love that her savior has for her.

Abi, I love you Baby Girl.