>Here’s a look at some movies that are coming up that I think might be worth seeing. There are a couple that I didn’t add here do to slowing down the loading of the page.

Some of the movies I didn’t include here are:

Alice In Wonderland
Johnny Depp plays the mad hatter. I don’t think its anything like the book, but it looks good.

Nightmare on Elm Street
A remake of the original. It could be good. But then again it’s made by Michael Bay, so it could be stupid and over the top.

Clash of the Titans
Now of course this one was pretty good when it first came out. The special effects were not all that great. But I think that was part of its charm. This one of course looks like it has mind blowing special effects. It could be cheesy on that point alone. Isn’t it sad that great special effects can potentially ruin a movie these days?

Prince of Persia
Starring Orlando Bloom. Of course this will attract a whole audience just because of him. The plot seems to go something like there is a dagger that controls the “sands of time” and bad guys want to get a hold of to change history. Their only hope is to take it high into the mountains to be hidden away forever. Will they succeed? Hmmmmmmm

Here are a few previews that I thought were worth posting. My favorite is probably Tron. Enjoy.


This of course is the third movie. They never get old. Pixar Rules!


Coming in a close second, is Dreamworks. And this one looks to be as good. In fact, I think it may have a bit more heart than some of the others.


I thought this movie was cool when I was a kid. I remember it being a big deal because of the computer graphics that were used to make it. Well this one of course will have a lot better graphics. But, Jeff Bridges is in it again…as a bad guy?


I am a sucker for animation. I have always wanted to do voice overs. This one looks good too.