I found a few pictures of the elaborate party that the White House threw in honor of the Mexican president that visited recently.  I am astonished at how much money the White House (tax payers) spent on this event.  Couldn’t this money have been spent more wisely?  We have the whole gulf coast being covered in oil.  Animals are dying and the entire fishing industry is in jeopardy.  Families  are left without jobs and all that seems to be important right now is throwing a great party for our southern neighbors and spending millions of dollars to have a good time.  Can’t we get our priorities straight?  This is not a left or right issue.  This is common sense.

My community just denied a school bond that would have built new schools and upgraded others.  The excuse used over and over was that we have to find better ways to spend our money. And, due to the current state of our economy we should not be adding more debt.  If this is true for our schools, it should be true for our government.

photo source: White house photo stream.