Yesterday I was listening to one of the many podcasts I download on a daily basis.  NPR’s Fresh Air featured a ministry located in the Los Angeles area called Homeboy Industries.  It is a ministry started by a Jesuit priest by the name of Father Gregory Boyle.  This ministry is specifically dedicated to providing a way out for gang members, and giving them the ability to learn both work and life skills that will help them find jobs and stay off the streets.  Through the course of many years, Homeboy Industries has made drastic inroads into the gang infested streets of L.A.  They have seen many gang bangers come out of the lifestyle and become productive members of society.

Right now, like a lot of other types of organizations, they are suffering.  Last week they had to lay off a lot of their staff because of lack of funds.  This is a worth While ministry, and one that my wife and I have decided to support.  I would encourage you to check them out and pray about doing the same thing.

Here is their website  HomeBoy Industries

Listen to the Fresh Air podcast.   Fresh Air