>During the month of November, I tried to have my children tell me at least one thing they were thankful for every day.  We didn’t hold to the “every day” very well but I think we got a fairly good list.  I am proud of them for some of the things they came up with.  Some of the items are kinda funny.  Here are the uncensored things that my kids are thankful for this year.

family, electronics, funny people, friends, books, memories, warmth, church, hot chocolate, music, imagination, choices, machines

Life, deja (his rat), holidays, pets, food, houses, pokemon, popcorn, paper, clothes, legos, cups, colors

House, clothes, food, shoes, beds, stores, pets, water bottles, school, plants, animals, holidays, books

pumpkin pie, brothers and sisters, feet, firewood, hats, presents, boots, months, wands, legos, poof pillows, mothers