The Lovely Bones

MPAA Rating/ PG-13

Nate’s Rating/PG to PG-13

The Lovely Bones is the story of a young girl who is murdered by one of her neighbors and then ends up somewhere in the “in between”.  She isn’t totally in heaven because she refuses to let go of her own life.  She also isn’t exactly living either.  The movie has a gazebo represent the bridge she used between the afterlife and the living situations going on around her.

During the course of the movie, her family struggles to cope with her death as time marches on and relationships move in different directions.  The movie is a roller coaster ride of emotions. Although the movie revolves around something depressing and disturbing as a young girls murder, it is more about life and relationships, and coping.

I had not heard of the book before seeing the movie.  After reading the synopsis of the book, there are parts that I was glad was left out of the movie.  I am not sure it would have played well with the darkly uplifting sentiments being portrayed in the face of this tragedy.

Many aspects of the movie are hard to put into words.  I would recommend the movie, but with caution.  Although not overtly violent or full of cuss words, it is a move that deals with adult themes.  Think twice before letting your children watch it.

3 out of 5 nateys