What is reality?  What is Fantasy?  Are dreams able to me manipulated?  How many levels of dreams can you have?  Can you get lost in your dreams and totally mistake it for reality?  These are just some of the questions dealt with in Christopher Nolan’s (Batman Begins, Batman the Dark Knight) movie Inception.

The movie stars Leonardo DiCaprio as Mr. Cobb who is a professional thief who steals secrets from people in their dreams.  From the the movie just gets weird.  It makes your mind hurt and makes you wish you were dreaming.  Don’t get me wrong the movie is spectacular, The cinematography and special effects are breath-taking, the soundtrack (Hans Zimmer) is amazing.  The plot is thick and filled with twists and turns.  My only problem with the movie is it wasn’t really enjoyable. I found myself having to think so hard to follow the action and what “level” of dream land they were on that I had a headache by the end of the movie.

As I said before, there were many questions raised during the course of the movie.  But, I don’t think any of them were actually answered.  The biggest one being, was this is all a dream to begin with?

Row, row, row your boat…..

A few things I did appreciate about the movie

  • Although there was a lot of violence, it was more like Indiana Jones type of violence.  Lots of action but visual blood and guts were kept to a minimum
  • Swearing is kept to a minimum
  • No sexual scenes at all

I didn’t have to feel bad for letting my kids watch the movie.  That doesn’t happen much these days.

Nate’s Rating 4 out of 5 nateys