Idaho Falls had its first truly big Christian concert in many years last night when the boys from Disciple, Kutless, and the Newsboys came through.  I decided to take my whole family and enjoy the evening.  It was the first time my two youngest had ever been to a rock concert,  and I think they enjoyed themselves.  It’s always hard to tell with my youngest.

Disciple opened the show with some ear-splitting tunage.  It was loud, energetic, and hard to comprehend what he was saying.  It was fun to see these guys.  Disciple has been at it for almost twenty years. and it is good to see them getting some long overdue respect for what they do.

Kutless began their show with a bang. And continued to play songs that has made them a staple on Christian radio for the better part of ten years.  My only questions for the band was why would you have some funky punk hairdo when you have bald spot in the middle of your head?  And what kind of hat was the lead singer wearing on his head?  It looked like some sort of Swiss Alps yoldeler hat.  I think he had a feather stuck in it.

As for the Newsboys; this was definitely the band that people came to see.  The stage consisted of at least 7 digital monitors that projected words and some sort of Itunes visualizer throughout the concert.  They sang mostly songs from their new album which is the first to feature new lead singer Michael Tait (DC Talk, TAIT).  But, they managed to kick Newsboys “old-school” with a medley of past hits such as “Shine” and “Breakfast”.  Many people of late have criticised the Newsboys for not sounding like the Newsboys anymore, whatever that means.  There has been way to many versions of the Newsboys over the years to say something like that.  I thought they sounded just fine and continued the same catchy pop hooks that have made them one of the biggest bands in CCM for over twenty years.

Newsboys may not have the  best songs in the world.  You can definitely accuse them of making a lot of drivel over the years.  But the one thing nobody has ever blamed them for is a boring live performance.  And, even with the Michael Tait as the new lead singer, it hasn’t changed.  But with rising podiums, and raised spinning drum kits, this concert was one of the most entertaining experiences I have had in a long time.  It was well my hard-earned $20.