Since Disney decided to release a sequel to the original 1982 edition of Tron, I decided to rent the original from Netflix.  I hadn’t seen this movie since it came out.  In fact, I didn’t get to see it in the theaters, but rather on a laser disc (yes I said laser disc) around 1984.  As a 10-year-old child, I remember the movie being completely fascinating with the special effects unlike anything ever seen.

Watching it again some 25 years later, the movie wasn’t as good as I remember, and the special effects are, well…dated.  But thinking of the context, and remembering that computers were still relatively new in the public consciousness and far less  powerful than they are today, it was still an amazing feat of movie making magic.

]eff Bridges stars as Flynn and even though the storyline is cheesy, he still showcases the kind of quality actor he really is.

Nate’s rating when he was 10—5 out of 5 nateys

Nate’s rating 26 years later—2 out of 5 nateys