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MPAA Rating: PG

Nate’s Rating: PG

A few weeks ago we rented the thirty year old Tron.  I wanted to introduce the original to my kids before we saw the update/sequel.  It was a good thing I did.  After watching the new one, they would have thought the original was REALLY dumb, not just sorta dumb.

Tron Legacy follows Sam Flynn has he tries to figure out what has happened to his father.  He finds him, of course, inside the “grid” which is an updated version of the computer that Flynn was sucked into in the first one.  Kevin Flynn has created this fantastical world that vaguely resembles the original world.  But this one is supposed to be perfect.  That is, until C.L.U.E., Kevin Flynn’s digital alter ego, decides that he can to a better job of making a perfect world and tries to kill Kevin.

The movie, of course, is the fight to beat C.L.U.E. and save the world that Kevin has created.  On top of all that get out of the digital world and back into the real world.

The movie itself wasn’t horrible.  It had arguably more of a plot than the original.  As with the first one in its day, this one is visually stunning.  Updated light cycles, cooler disc fights, makes this one just as enjoyable as the first.  The visuals and the awesome soundtrack by Daft Punk makes this one worth watching at least once.

nate’s rating 2 out of 5 nateys