Okay so we are actually 4 days into our vacation, but I am just now finding time to do a little blogging.

After arriving in Lehi, UT on the first night we got a start on our first full day of vacation.  We headed south on I-15 travelling through the great state of Utah on our way to St. George. But first we made a slight detour to check out the amazing Zion National Park.  If you have never had the opportunity to see this beautiful area, I highly reccommend it.   Travilling through a canyon with with peaks and bluffs shooting up all around you, definitely inspires one.  I can see why the early Mormon settlers named it Zion (place of sanctuary).  There was waterfalls, rivers, cacti, wild turkeys, deer, and many many people.  My only beef with the park is my inability to collect a shot glass.  I have been to a few national parks, and all of them have had shot glasses…except this one.  I wonder if there was a certain local influences on that, but I digress.

We also at a 50’s themed diner in St. George.  I don’t reccomend that at all.