We spent the night in St. George on Sunday and was amazed at how tightly things close up in the state of Utah.  We left bright and early on Monday morning and headed south down I-15.  I have been to Disneyland twice and Southern California three times, but I have never driven the I-15 route to get there.  When leaving St. George we suddenly found ourselves descending into the Virgin River gorge.  It was a fantastic canyon with sweeping smooth walls and fantastic jagged rock formations.

A few hours later we drove Las Vegas.  I drove down the strip to show my kids the sights and sounds, but we did not stop to take part in the entertainment.  It seems that Las Vegas has made sure to leave the “Family friendly” version they were promoting a few years ago, far behind.

Driving through the Mojave was interesting.  It was entertaining to watch my temperature gauge go from 85 degrees in St. George to 104 in the desert.


We found our hotel room and was pleasantly surprised that it was as nice as it was.  A quaint little hotel on the main drag in front of Disneyland provides nice solitude.  Would have loved to have stayed in one of the Disney hotels, but $1000 differences speaks volumes.

I would post pics of this part of our journey, but the camera that we had snapped photos with, is gone.  More about that in a later installment.