I know this is taking me a long time to get all of the days covered, but alas that’s what happens when one comes back to the grind.


10 things I learned on Day 5

1.  California Adventure is quickly turning into Disneyland part 2.  A third of the park was closed to make way for the news “Cars” attraction.

2.  The “Ariel’s Adventure” seems out of place in the park.

3.  The Tower of Terror is FREAKIN COOL!!!!!

4.  The toys story ride is a lot of fun.

5.  IHOP is almost triple the price of the one in Idaho Falls.  $11.99 for a short stack?  Come on Man!

6.  The raft ride is a lot of fun.  Even if it breaks down.  We met Aussies and Canadians.

7.  California Adventure is not as fun if the roller coaster and the Muppet 3D is closed.

8.  Soaring over California is so worth it!

9.  The World of Color is SPECTACULAR!!!!

10.  People can be awful, even in Disneyland/California adventure.  It takes a lot of gull to steal the memories for a family.  Not to mention a cell phone and camera.

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