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MPAA Rating: PG

Nate’s Good Sense Rating: PG (some intense insinuations of burning building)

Corbin Bernsen wrote, produced, directed, and stars in this small independent film.  The movie follows a pastor who has given up on his calling as he goes back to his small North Dakota (?) town and gets wrapped up in trying to solve a mystery of how a house burned down with a family inside.  His childhood friend who is mentally handicapped is not only blamed for setting the fire but has confessed.  Is he truly guilty?

The movie is slow in places.  But some of that may just be that we are so used to big Hollywood movies with fast paced action sequences, that we are challenged to sit down and watch an actual movie where plot and dialogue play a key role.

4 out of 5 nateys

Oh and one more thing. It’s always nice when a movie that has Christian themes is not always trying to convert its audience. Enough said.