Here is the responses for the first concert.  Mylon, Beach Boys,….quite eclectic.

1. Mylon LeFevre and Broken Heart

I have seen these guys a couple of times.  Not too bad.  3 people said this was their first concert.

2. Kenny Rogers

Just saw this guy at our local fair.  He was good, but he looked like he had been dead for a while.  2 people said this was their first concert.

3.  Van Halen

Never seen this band yet.  They are touring this year though, with the David Lee Roth!

4. Nelson

Yep. I was there in Pocatello circa 1991.

5. Beach Boys

Good Vibrations!

6. Chris Ledoux

I had the pleasure of meeting this man at the country station I dj’d at.  Great guy. Great entertainer.  RIP.

7. Jose Feliciano

Hmm your first concert?  Well it could have been Engelbert Humperdink

8. The Commodores

This one was probably a boogy down affair.

9. Nirvana

Wow!  To have Nirvana be your first concert ever!?  That was probably an eye-opening experience.

10. Diamond Rio

One of these guys graduated from BYU

11. Alabama

Now this one was probably a pretty good concert.  I would have went.  Don’t forget  you gotta have a fiddle in the band.

12. Hank Williams Jr.

I wonder if it had a bunch of rowdy friends or if they had settled down.  It was guaranteed to have a tear in your beer though.  Bonus quiz.  Does anyone know why he wears a beard?

13. Lamb

I have never even heard this band before.  In fact, I don’t even know if this is a correct picture of the band.

14. Bellamy Brothers

Hmmm. Well it was the seventies after all. Of course the person who saw this concert would have still been in diapers…

15. Petra “Beat the System” tour

This was cool.  I promise.  The person who claims this as their first concert, used to dress like the singer when they went to concerts.  just sayin….

16.  The Christy Minstrels

This one was submitted by someone in the older generation.  Obviously.  I don’t know much about the New Christy Minstrels, except that Barry McGuire was the lead singer and he went on to be a pioneer of the Jesus Music of the 1970’s.

Whew!  I got quite a few responses as you can see.  If you haven’t chimed in, leave a comment and do so!