Last week I asked my facebook and twitter friends what their favorite concert was.  Here are the results.

U2 360 Tour
yep this is mine.  WOW!  That’s all I can say.

Not one of my favorite artists, but he does put on a good show.

Van Halen 1995
Ahh Sammy Hagar days….

Lystra’s Silence
personal friends of mine.  Fantastic musicians.

So isn’t the drummer like the world’s fastest drummer?

Jon Foreman Coffee Shop style performance: Boise, ID
this one makes me a little jealous.

DC Talk: Jesus Freak Tour
What will people think?

Michael W. Smith/Amy Grant
I believe they said this was the Lead Me On tour

Petra Beat the System
At one point, this band was the only real legit rock band in Christian music.

George Straight
Just a man and his guitar.

America’s favorite faux rock band.

The Brethren

yet to come. A metalheads fantasy concert. Motorhead, Megadeth…

Next up: First album ever!  Tune in to see how old some of these people are!