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This is the last in the series of posts asking my twitter and facebook friends musical questions.  Today we reveal the first album that people owned. Not only that, we discover if it was on 8-track, vinyl, tape, or cd!  Somebody also suggested that I include mp3, but I figured most of my friends were old enough that they bought their first music on something more solid.

Here we go…

Styx: Kilroy Was Here (vinyl)
Yes this is the first album I ever owned.  Most people you talk to will tell you this was one of the worst albums Styx ever did.  But I didn’t care.  I was 8 years old and Domo Origoto Mr. Roboto was one of the coolest songs ever!

Barry Manilow (vinyl)
They didn’t bother to tell me which one it was.  So why don’t you party on down to the copa cabana and listen to all of the songs he wrote. After all, he wrote the songs that makes the whole world sing.

Kiss: Destroyer (vinyl)
Rock and Roll all night!

Petra: Beat the System (tape)
Wow. This one keeps on showing up for some reason.

Amy Grant: (cd)
Another one where they didn’t want to own up to which one it was. So I will take a guess.

Huey Lewis and the News: Sports (tape)
One of my all time favorite bands.  They were at the fair a few years back and I took my two oldest boys to their first rock concert.  Not a bad choice if you ask me.  That’s the heart of rock and roll!

Phil Collins: No Jacket Required (tape)
I don’t think there has ever been a cooler balding musician that Phil Collins.

Donnie and Marie Osmond: Deep Purple (vinyl)
Umm..I really don’t know what to say about those outfits.

Def Leppard (tape)
Again, I don’t know which one this is.  I will put their best one (imho). If you don’t like it, then you can pour some sugar on me…animal.

Beatles: Let it Be (vinyl)
Perhaps the oldest selection on the list.

AC/DC: (tape)
again, I wasn’t told which one so I will make my best guess.  If you don’t like it then Hells Bells.

Connie Francis:  (vinyl)
No.  This is the oldest one on the list.  Compliments of my mom.

ABBA: First Ten Years (8-track)
This one gets the award for being the only 8-track on the list. 8-tracks were funky weren’t they?

Mickey Mouse Disco:  not sure of type of media.  My guess is vinyl
This one gets the award for the best selection!  I had FlashBeagle.  Put those two together and it makes for some awesome listening.

DIO: Holy Diver (media?)
This explains a lot.

Starship: We Built This City/single  (off of the album Grunt) (45)
I have heard music snobs say this is the worst song of the 1980’s.  I kinda like it myself.  I still have full album.

Barbara Mandrell:  album?  media?
I don’t know much about Barbara except that I had to watch her weekly variety show all the time when I was a kid.

Well this concludes all of my musical questions. Thanks to everyone who participated. It was a lot of fun. Stay tuned for more fun questions.

P.S. If you remember the first album you ever owned and it’s not on this list, leave a comment and let us know what it was.

UPDATE:  Here is another album.

Kids Praise Album (8-track)

Don’t know which one, so I will make my best guess.