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mpaa rating: PG-13
Nate’s good sense rating PG (25 years ago this would have been PG. Raiders of the Lost Ark had more violence than this movie did.)


Wimpy guy gets pumped up and becomes indestructible by Stark Enterprise technology. He beats up some nasty Nazi that is more evil than the Führer. He is presumed to be dead, but is “resurrected” in the future and will now be part of The Avengers.


The past few Marvel movies have suffered from “preparing for the biggie” syndrome. If they would have spent more time worrying about the plot of the movie they were currently working on, Marvel could have made a really good comic book movie. But, instead, they were too concentrated on getting this movie made so they can move onto making the Avengers.

Brave and humble guy (trapped in a small body) becomes buff brave and humble guy who saves the world. There is possibility in the plot somewhere…I promise. But alas, I think Marvel missed the mark somewhat. Don’t get me wrong, its a good movie. But it could have been great.

2 out of 5 nateys