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Most evangelical church follow a format.

  1. Songs
  2. greetings
  3. maybe more songs
  4. more greetings
  5. offering
  6. sermon
  7. song
  8. prayer
  9. closing

Now this formula isn’t neccessarily bad, but I question whether or not this might quench the Spirit; just a little.

What if we did the sermon before the music?  What if we sang one song?  What if we set the offering plates in back instead of passing the around? What if we had no music at all?  What if we had no sermon at all?

I’m not suggesting that church goes like this every week.  But what if we just let the Spirit lead, and see what he wants to do?  Maybe He just decides to do exactly how we have always done it.  Or maybe we do something incredibly different.  My point is, sometimes it’s good to listen.  Sometimes it’s good to obey.  Sometimes its good to shake things up a bit.  Who knows, maybe things that we have been praying for might actually start happening.