On New Years, I had made a pledge to try an blog every day for the next year.  But yesterday, nothing happened.  I do have a good excuse, and I’m gonna share it with ya.

My computer has been having problems.  It will not start half the time.  Sometimes it takes hours for me to be able to boot it up.  Every time it gets turned off its a scary proposition as to whether it will ever turn on again.  I think the problem is my CPU.  The little pins that attach the CPU to the mother board are not connected tightly any more.  The glue that is used has come undone.  I have learned through the course of the past couple of months, that if my computer gets hot enough it will eventually get the jump it needs to do its thing.

Well yesterday, my computer started up for without any problem.  But, unbeknownst to me, I had unplugged my computer and it entered sleep mode.  Sleep mode is just as bad as shutting it all the way off.  It will enter sleep mode and just hang there in this perpetual coma. 

So, needless to say, i could not get my computer back up yesterday.  And hence my excuse for not writing anything.  hopefully the next 363 days goes a little smoother.