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TobyMac-Eye on It
ForeFront Records

2.5 out of 5 nateys

In 1989 a little rap group from Liberty University released their debut album on the fledgling record label Forefront. It was short and honestly, kind of cheesy. But it struck a cord with me and thousands of other Christian teenagers wanting to find music that was, at the very least, kindof like the popular music of the day.

Through the course of their five albums, this Little Band who called themselves DC Talk, became one of the most successful Christian bands of all time. They also became one of the most influential; pushing the boundaries of what people considered Christian music to be.

At the beginning of the new millenium, the three members of DC Talk decided to go their seperate ways. Each of them releasing solo records over the past decade.

Toby McKeehan (now known as TobyMac) has easily been the most successful of the three members. Releasing his debut solo album in 2001. With his ability to write great lyrics and mix them with catchy hooks, he has managed to release four very successful solo projects.

On Toby’s fifth solo attempt, he has crafted another eleven songs that are sure to make his fans happy. With catchy hooks, dubstep influenced music, and great lyrics, it is about what we have come to expect from the master of cool….

But that is part of the problem with this most recent effort. It is about what we would expect, nothing more. The songs are enjoyable and catchy, but not as catchy as other songs from other albums. TobyMac has always been on the cutting edge of what is popular in the mainstream and mixing it with Christian themes. He does a good job here, but there is nothing memorable on this album.

I like the album enough to recommend it. There is enough good material to slap down the $10 to $15 it might cost you. But, I caution that one or two listens might be enough for you. After that it just might be put on the shelf and replaced by one of his earlier projects.

But, never forget TobyMac is still TobyMac. And he still cool. And I would still go out of my way to see the man in concert.