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MPAA Rating: PG

Nate’s Good Sense Rating: PG (has some mildley intense action sequences)


Boy has dog. Dog get hits by car. Boy is sad, but uses his scientific genius to bring the dog back to life. Other kids find out about the boys success. They decide they want to try the same thing to win the science fair…..Wait for it…..Wait for it….Chaos ensues.


In 1984, a young director released a short live action film through the Disney company. The yet unknown director was consequently fired by Disney, after they claimed that “Frankenweenie” wasted company resources and was too scary for the young audiences it was intended for.

But after the success of movies like “PeeWee’s Big Adventure”, “Edward Scissorhands”, and “Batman”, Disney decided to give the animator/director another chance. In 1993, Burton released the now classic “Nightmare Before Christmas”. Disney has made millions off of that film and easily made thier investment back from Burton’s film 10 years earlier.

When Tim Burton decided to give Frankenweenie another chance, this time as a stop animation film, Disney was more than willing to let him work his magic.

Frankeweenie is filmed completely in black and white. It is an artistic format that is very risky in a world of big scale 3D production. But it works. My guess is, it was Burton’s nod to the classic “Young Frankenstein”. The story is decent and the characters are intriguing. Although this movie is not even close to being in the same league as the aforementioned “Nightmare..”, fans of Tim Burton will eat it up. Those who may not be as big of fans, may not like it as much. But, it is a film that I can recommend if there is nothing else to rent.

2.5 nateys out of 5