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The Life of Pi
MPAA Rating: PG
Nate’s Good Sense Rating: PG

An Indian family who owns a zoo is forced to relocate to Canada. The family along with the zoo animals charter a cargo ship bound for North America. During a major storm, the ship sinks and the boy (Pi) survives along with the zoo’s tiger.

Nate’s Review

Ang Lee has had some hits and misses throughout the years. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon was a masterpiece, while Lee’s version of Hulk…not so much. The Life of Pi is a masterpiece. The story is told from Pi’s perspective as he relates it to a journalist. Part of the movie is spent giving some basic detail of Pi’s young life in India. But, most of the movie takes place after a shipwreck and Pi is the only survivor along with a Bengal tiger.

The movie is not full of action. But the story is compelling. What makes this movie a must see is the visually stunning cinematography. We have become so desensitized to cgi these days, that it takes a lot for most of us to be awed. This movie does it. Not with massive space robots, or with giant dinosaurs, but with simple scenes set in the middle of the ocean. There are scenes where the emptiness and loneliness is portrayed so vividly that I almost felt seasick (it helps to have a 110″ screen and blue ray). Please take the time to watch this work of art. You will not be disappointed.

Rating: 5 out of 5 nateys

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