Big Hero 6
MPAA Rating: PG
Nate’s Good Sense Rating: G-PG (I have seen more violence in a Tom and Jerry cartoon)


A teenage genius loses his brother in an explosion. He spends the rest of movie trying to capture the person responsible.


Our hero (not so ironically called hero) is a genius with a pension for robotics. He decides to apply for a robotics school that his older brother is enrolled in. But, to be accepted, he has to wow the school in a competition to showcase their talents. hero creats a sort of nanobot that when combined can be controlled by a visor through thought control. The only limit is your “imagination”. After the competition, the building catches on fire and his brother is killed. Hero unites with his brothers robot, a medical robot that looks a tad like the Michellin Man without the rolls. Together they try to figure out who was responsible for the explosion.

Although this a Disney cartoon, it still had Pixar’s John Lasseter at the helm. So, it is hard to separate one company’s cartoon from another. I found myself laughing quite a bit during the movie. And, I was able to have an emotional connection with some of the characters. I did feel however that the storyline suffered from a bit bad pacing.
All in all it was a fun movie and I would recommend it….

3.5 out of 5 nateys

ratings info
1=better used for trash liners
2=okay but not great
3=good and average fare
4=excellent and worthy of many awards and a trip to the theater
5=Simply Divine