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Mad Max: Fury Road
MPAA Rating: R
Nate’s Good Sense Rating: A soft R. (mostly for intense violence)

A Nomadic individual roaming the waste lands of a post apocalyptic dystopian world finds himself helping a woman who is rescuing women from a dictator who is keeping them as breeding slaves.

Nate’s Review
In the fourth Mad Max reboot, Max is thrust into an escape attempt by women who were being kept as “breeding” slaves. They travel across the wasteland and barely make it to their destination alive. After they reach their destination, they decide to turn back around and drive back to the place they were trying to escape from to begin with. All the while trying not to get caught or killed by the strange looking dude they are trying to escape from.

Mad Max has had a cult following since the first low budget, Australian made movie came out in 1979. George Miller expertly crafted a movie that dealt with themes in a way that had not been seen in cinematic history up to that point. Mr. Miller returns to direct this reboot some 30 years since the last one. A lot has changed in the movie industry since 1985. We have been bombarded with over the top action movies (think Transformers 2), and more CGI than we can sometimes even wrap our finite brains around (think Transformers again…). And, even though there was perhaps 3 pages of dialogue for this entire movie (I want that writing job),this new Mad Max movie feels fresh and alive. And, even though 90% of the movie is nothing more than a giant car chase, it is a tremendous spectacle and it is next to impossible to take your eyes off the screen. And all this accomplished using VERY little CGI.

There are definite moments of cheese (a traveling war minstrel, puppet, guitar playing, flame thrower, dude for instance), Lots of octane, and cool looking vehicles. The movie is intense, with action sequences that will melt your face off. If you are looking for a heavy dose of testosterone entertainment this summer, than this movie is for you.


Rating: 3.5 out of 5 nateys

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