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MPAA Rating: PG-13
Nate’s Good Sense Rating: PG (frankly the only thing that makes it PG-13 is the use of one f-bomb)


The earth is dying and someone needs to save it.  Will they be able to?
Nate’s Review

In this social media drenched age, it’s almost impossible to watch a movie that, for the most part, you are unaware of the major plot points.  This only happens on very rare occasions these days.  But for me, Interesteller was one of those occasions.

On even more rare occasions do I come across a movie that is so unique, and so grand in its story telling that I am convinced I have never seen anything like it.

Interstellar starts out showing a pilot crashing some sort of ship. Thirty seconds later, we find ourselves following what we assume is the same person farming in some ambiguous region of a not too distant future America. Through the course of about a half hour of moderately slow pacing, we are led to believe that the earth is dying, and we need to save mankind by finding a new planet that can sustain life. Our pilot is given the job of leading the expedition. The rest of the movie focuses on finding the planet and relocating human life elsewhere. If I gave more of the plot away, you the reader, may not have the same reaction as I. So that is as much plot as I’m willing to give.

Masterfully directed by Christopher Nolan, Interstellar portrays a space adventure unlike anything seen on the big screen since perhaps 2001-A Space Odyssey. It is brilliant in the tiniest of details. The movie plays on many themes;
-Humanity’s charge to take care of the earth
-Our ability to destroy
-Our ability to rebuild
-Our desire to constantly explore

This movie is part environmental lecturer, part space adventure, and part SCI-FI Fantasy. And 100% creative. There is a sense of restlessness that thrives in the underlying currents of the 162 minute epic. And, it will leave you disturbed on one level, and excited on another.

Just like Nolan’s epic Batman trilogy. You will continue to think about this movie long after the credits are over. What will our future look like? What will future space travel look like? What is gravity really? And the biggest question of all, what makes us human?

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 nateys

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2=okay but not great
3=good and average fare
4=excellent and worthy of many awards and a trip to the theater
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