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First let me just say, that I am spoiled when it comes to cartoons these days. Pixar has the market in animation and storyline. In fact, in my opinion, it is the storyline that makes Pixar the king of current animated features. Now, having said that, what the Legend of the Guardians lacked in storyline and plot; it made up for in animation. This was one of the most visually stunning computer animated cartoons I have ever seen. The color schema reminded of Lord of the rings. Lots of gold and brown tinged hues. Kind of like seeing things in twilight, with a golden sun setting in the in the sky.
Now to the Plot:
There are little owlets that are kidnapped by bad owls that call themselves the “Pure Ones”. The owlets are forced to do slave labor or become a soldier in the army. There are good owls called the “Guardians”. Nobody really knows if they truly exist until our hero finds them after a “long” journey over the sea. the good owls and the bad owls fight and that is all I will tell you as to not give away the ending. Although, I am pretty sure you can figure out how it ends.
One good thing-many of the voice characters are from Australia. I’m a sucker for a good Aussie accent.

MPAA rating: PG
Nate’s good sense rating:PG (some intense fighting sequences)

2 out of 5 nateys